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Grass Master is committed to the future and the sustainability of our natural resources. To this end Grass Master believes in re-using one of the most valuable resources we have “ Topsoil and organic plant material”

We offer Clients a way of preventing top-soil from being put to land-fill. We offer a storage solution for re-use of the topsoil during the landscaping phase of the project.

Grass Master can also modify the soil by adding compost and nutrients to the soil. Topsoil can be blended to client’s requirements to suit different types of projects and specifications.

Compost is made from recycled organic material on our premises. 

Grass Master has large quantities of topsoil and compost available for:

  • New road and infrastructure projects.
  • Landscaping projects.
  • Sports field construction and maintenance.
  • Topsoil for gardens.
  • Commercial and developments.
  • Existing developments.
  • Contractors.
  • Landscapers.
  • Nursery’s

Please contact Grass Master for prices of compost and topsoil.

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