Environmental and Ecological Rehabilitation

Grass Master is a leader in the field of Environmental and Ecological Rehabilitation.

With 39 years experience we have covered a wide range of issues and problems and will be able to help you with any issues you have.

Please contact us to discuss any requirements you have.

Works Offered:

  • Soil erosion control.
  • Highway rehabilitation and landscaping.
  • Mine and quarry rehabilitation.
  • Waste dumpsite rehabilitation.
  • Pipeline rehabilitation.
  • Consult on best way to rehabilitate land and offer solutions to problems.
  • Survey areas before works starts to identify any issues.
  • Removal and storage of items requiring to be replanted after works.
  • Provide clients with a solution to prevent soil erosion on the sides of roads and highways.

Examples of Some Completed Works:

  • Blood Diamond Movie (mine rehabilitation).
  • Addo to PE pipeline.
  • Kings Beach sand dune rehabilitation.
  • Motherwell water retention ponds.
  • N2 Port Elizabeth to Colchester.
  • We have done extensive work along the N2 and N10 to rehabilitate the sides of the roads.
  • Grahamstown bypass
ecological rehabilitation
coastal dune revegetation
established rehabilitation

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