Grass Master is a specialist hydroseeding Contractor with over 39 years’ experience.

We have completed work through-out Southern Africa.

Hydro-seeding is the most economical method of re-instating grass to large areas of land which need rehabilitation. The typical use of hydroseeding is on the sides of roads and highways where works have disturbed the ground on each side of the road.

Grass Master can provide you with the correct mix of grass seed and fertilizer to ensure good growth and a lasting solution to areas you need rehabilitated.

With our specialist knowledge of what types of grass seeds grow best depending on the time of the year we can taylor make a solution for your company to ensure good grass cover throughout the year.

Various Uses for Hydroseeding:

  • WIND FARMS - Haul Roads, drainage furrows and borrow pit rehabilitation. Or any other areas disturbed by construction activities.
  • Solar Farms - rehabilitation of areas disturbed by construction activities
  • Verges of roads
  • Grassing the sides of Airport Runways
  • Sides of highways
  • Soil erosion control
  • Old quarry’s and borrow pits to be rehabilitated
  • Golf courses
  • New residential developments.
  • Re-seed existing poor grassed areas for better coverage.


We only use the highest quality seeds. The seeds we use come with batch numbers and germination percentages. These are presented to the client before works starts as part of our Q.A procedure.

With the experience we have gained over the past 40 years we will be able to tailor a specific solution to any job, contact or problem you may have. 

We are happy to discuss any queries you may have about hydroseeding and what we offer.
We offer a guarantee to return and re-do works if the hydroseeding does not grow.
Please contact Grass Master for more information.

Hydroseeding N2 Pedi - Sept 2014

Over 110ha of Hydroseeding works on Highway and Borrow Pit Rehabilitation


Hydroseeding the N2 from Fish River to 17km past Peddie.

We have averaged 7ha of Hydroseeding per day for these works.

Road Side Rehabilitaion N2 PE / Coega


Before and After of N2 PE-Colchester Hydroseeding

before hydroseeding
after hydroseeding

Before hydroseeding

after hydroseeding 

Hydroseeding application

Current Hydroseeding Projects





Baywest Mall

Port Elizabeth Airport Runway Extentions - Rehabilitaiton

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